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      Direct Equity Source focuses on the development and management of General and Limited Partnerships for real estate, self-storage facilities, land developments, and RV parks.

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Our investment strategy revolves around capitalizing on emerging trends and untapped opportunities within the self-storage, RV parks, and land development sectors. By partnering with established developers who share our vision for success, we ensure that every project we undertake is backed by a solid foundation of expertise and industry knowledge. This approach allows us to unlock value and generate impressive returns for our investors.

One of the key advantages of investing with Direct Equity Source is our dedication to providing not only IRA qualified opportunities, but also 1031-exchange compatible properties. This means that accredited investors can defer capital gains taxes by reinvesting their profits into our carefully curated projects. By offering this tax-efficient option, we empower investors to optimize their portfolios while safeguarding their hard-earned wealth.

By connecting you directly to these projects, we eliminate unnecessary intermediaries – ensuring that you benefit from higher IRRs and equity multiples.
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Our Ethos

Direct Equity Source builds enduring relationships with clients based on a foundation of trust, understanding, and goal-oriented financial results.

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Current Projects

AAA Storage Development Fund

Texas & Florida

Direct Equity Source is proud to offer its AAA Storage Development Fund, a diversified investment fund targeting several self-storage & office/warehouse light industrial development in high growth markets.

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Direct Equity Source’s Augusta Studios

Augusta, Georgia

With over 311,000 sq. ft. of planned purpose-built space, Augusta Studios will attract and support studio level movies and television series. This will allow Augusta, GA to benefit from the $4.8 billion dollar Georgia movie and television industry.

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